Paul Newnham: Breaking Down Silos to Achieve Sustainable Development for Food Security


On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Paul Newnham, Director of SDG2 Advocacy Hub (SAH), talks about how the organization brings together diverse stakeholders to achieve the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2). SDG 2 is a global initiative to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. Paul tells Food Tank that he is hopeful about the U.N.’s 15 SDGs outlined in 2015, “I’m excited they created this framework that helps rally, direct, and focus the various efforts around the world. Whether people know about them or not, people are contributing to them if they are helping to address many of the issues we face.”

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SAH is a collaboration of grassroots organizations, big philanthropy, the private sector, and U.N. agencies working in the food and agriculture space. According to Paul, sometimes the diverse actors working in food and agriculture don’t know how to collaborate. However, SAH is helping with “breaking down silos,” says Paul.  The organizations provide a platform for dialogue and planned action. SAG allows groups that generally only work on nutrition, for example, to come into conversation with farming and sustainability groups.

Similarly, the space provided by SAH allows stakeholders that often don’t agree, like grassroots organizations and large corporations, to come together. “We try to start with what we are trying to change, and then we focus on what each of the players brings to that change rather than what we disagree on,” explains Paul. Paul believes these encounters are uncomfortable but necessary.

Paul also discusses SAG’s Chef Manifesto. The initiative brings chefs into the sustainable development discussion and lays out ways for them to act. For example, to help achieve SDG 9 on biodiversity, Paul explains, “Chefs can play a really key role by using and sourcing new ingredients.”

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