Garri: the favourite snack of Nigerians


It is no longer news that cassava flakes popularly known as ‘garri’ has created a significant impression with its new packaging which is becoming rampant across the nation.

Cassava which is the root from which garri is produced, is rich in fiber, copper and magnesium. Although once considered a “poor man’s food” because it is affordable and requires little extra ingredients to make a meal of it but now, the perspective has changed. Garri, with no form of sophistication, has however, managed to creep into our hearts as one of our favourite meals.

Garri production is a viable business because it is one of the most widely consumed food in Africa and beyond. Garri mixed with water is a major part of the diet in all parts of the country, in Nigeria today, there are both big and small scale garri producers that are making fortunes with the business and are living the comfortable lives of their choice.

In the past, Unlike so many other nice delicacies which come in several fancy packages with each manufacturer coming up with ideas that will aid the productivity of their products in the market, garri has got no such packaging and is mostly displayed naked in the market, and even when a buyer wants to purchase some, there’s no fancy packaging whatsoever.

The commodity is being sold without any added agricultural product but in recent times, producers are making huge profit producing this essential commodity with additional goodies such as sugar, groundnut, milk, peanut, honey, palm oil, kulikuli etc. as the demand of it continues to increase. These new innovations by Nigerian producers has appeased the consumers and has also given home-made products an edge over international commodities.

Most of the brands are not just being packaged, but they fulfill all packaging criteria as published by Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), which includes nutritional labeling.

Example of such brands includes “IgbokwenuGarri” which is a combination of white garri blessed with palm oil. It is a bit more nutritious than the white garri as it contains antioxidants that help to reduce the effects of any negative health issues that may arise from cyanide or any harmful substances.

This brand of yellow garri targets a wide range of consumer, especially those from the South-east and South-south regions.

Another is “ijebulawaGarri” which comprises of Garri, Milk, Sugar and Peanut. It is Dirt-Free, neatly packaged and very suitable for drinking.

Our West African neighbour, Ghana
seem to have followed the new trend of packaging garri as they showcased their
product at Lagos trade fair at the end of 2018. The packaged garri is labeled
“Crispy Gari Mix’’ which is made up of garri, groundnut and sugar.

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