Food Loves Tech Expo Brings the Future to Tastebuds


Food Tank President Danielle Nierenberg will join leaders in innovation and disruption across the food system at the 2018 Food Loves Tech Expo on November 2–3, 2018 in New York City.

The 2018 Food Loves Tech Expo, hosted by food magazines Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, focuses on how technology and innovation shape the way we cultivate and consume food. Over two days of immersive installations, tastings, leadership panels, and dining experiences, attendees can test the technologies of the future impacting the food chain from field and sea to the next generation.

Nierenberg will moderate the panel on November 3 on Preventing Food Waste Before It Starts, exploring how technology can stop food waste along the food production chain. The speakers will include Thomas McQuillan, VP of Strategy, Culture and Sustainability of Baldor Foods; Adam Kay, co-founder of Spare Food Co.; Elizabeth Balkan, Director of Food Waste Initiatives of the Natural Resources Defense Council; Matt Jozwiak, founder and Executive Director of Rethink Food NYC Inc.; Uwe Voss, COO and Managing Director of HelloFresh; and Rob Laing, founder and CEO of Farm.One.

Later, Nierenberg will host one-on-one conversations with experts for two live tapings of the podcast “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg.” First, Nierenberg will invite Regina Northouse, Executive Director of the Food Recovery Network, for a discussion on fighting food waste and hunger. Then Nierenberg will host Dr. David L. Katz to dispel nutrition and health myths circulating around the food system.

In its third year, Food Loves Tech returns with more than 90 food innovators and dozens of chefs and experts to educate a wide audience of food enthusiasts and activists. Its focus on how technology shapes the way the world cultivates and consumes food considers not only digital technology, but also new alternative ingredients, best practices, sustainability, composting, appliances, and even shifts toward more simplistic approaches of the past.

The expo will also feature panels on food-related technologies in food genetics, environment, health, homes, restaurants, urban agriculture, and more. Each day, Ariel Lauren Wilson, Editor-In-Chief of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, will provide opening remarks.

Tickets are still available for purchase HERE. Food Tank members can receive an exclusive discount by using the code FOODTANKVIP.

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