Heritage Bank boss tasks Banks and Government on SMEs


The Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Bank, Ifie Sekibo, has called on financial institutions and the government to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and agricultural initiatives so as to fight poverty in the nation.

Sekibo who said this at the 24th Nigerian Economic Summit noted that evidence has shown that countries that support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have always succeeded in fighting poverty.

The Bank’s CEO  emphasised the need for government and financial institutions to give adequate support for entrepreneurship in the country as this remains the only way the county can be freed from penury.

“We in Heritage Bank have been supporting various small-scale businesses especially through our reality show, “The Next Titan”, which is driven by our faith to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to contribute to the economic growth of the country.” He said.

According to him, “One of our major cardinal point as a bank is supporting micro, small and medium scale businesses and our strong desire to see young men and women succeed in any area of their business. This will help the society and economy to grow, thereby moving the nation from poverty to prosperity.”

“One of the areas where government and financial institutions can move this nation from poverty to prosperity is through the development of agriculture. One of the cardinal points to the economic growth of the nation is through mechanized farming. Government and financial institutions must do everything they can to support the growth of the sector.

“We cannot talk about moving from poverty to prosperity without taking Agriculture every seriously in this country. We must support the agriculture sector reform through providing infrastructure, providing loans to farmers and ensuring interest rate loans is a single digit.

Sekibo also urged other sectors in the country to join the government and financial institutions in tackling poverty in Nigeria, stressing that government alone cannot achieve this.

“Moving Nigeria out of poverty to Prosperity cannot be done alone by the government and financial institutions, all other sectors must contribute their quota to ensure Nigeria is rid of poverty.”

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