Vote with Your Fork, But Also With Your Vote, Says Nestle


On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” consumer advocate, nutritionist, and author of six prize-winning books Marion Nestle uncovers the causes food waste at the Second Annual NYC Summit on Food Waste and Food Loss. “The root cause of food waste isn’t what you do in your kitchen. It isn’t even what grocery stores do, or what restaurants do,” says Nestle. “The root cause is overproduction in our food system. We need a new food system!”

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“If we’re going to do something about food waste, we have to do something about the food system,” says Nestle. The food system provides 4,000 calories per person each day, according to Nestle. “We’re not paying the externalized costs of food production at the supermarket,” says Nestle. “We pay for them in environmental cleanup. We pay for them in obesity.”

“I think food waste is an enormously important issue because I think it is something all of us can do on our own,” says Nestle. Beyond personal tasks to limit one’s daily food waste, consumers can prevent food waste in the food system in two ways. “Vote with your fork. Every time you make a decision about what you spend your money on, you’re voting for the kind of food system you want,” says Nestle. “And you have to vote with your vote. Run for office, please!” In her forthcoming book Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat, Nestle will train readers to delve deeper into what they have been taught about food, health, and nutrition, preparing them to vote with their fork and with their vote.

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