Feed Africa Conversation: Taking the bull by the horn


Ever-rising food prices and food riots are among the many indicators of the lingering food crisis and insecurity in Africa. Climate change generally compounds food insecurity as weather fluctuations drastically change farming activities in the continent.

However, beyond general statements, there is a need for international dialogue, cooperation and solidarity which transcends selfish national interests if the continent’s drive to eradicating starvation and undernutrition of its people is to be taken seriously.

This is why AgroAfrica, the Voice of African Agriculture is partnering with the World Food Prize Foundation, The Africa Development Bank and the US Bilateral African Chamber of Commerce to convene a Dialogue Session as part of a series of events culminating in the investiture of the World Food Prize Laureate(s) at Des Moines, Iowa.

Dubbed the AgroAfrica Dialogue (AAD), this event which is hinged on the need to hatch workable solutions to tackle Africa’s poverty problem is scheduled to hold on October 17, 2018, from 9am to 12 noon.

To this end, the President of the African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, returns to Des Moines, Iowa, after his first coming as World Food Prize Laureate in 2017, to expound the #FeedAfrica gospel.

Join DrAdesina (The Lion of Africa’s Agriculture) and a team of private sector stakeholders as they lead the #FeedAfrica conversation and showcase why you should invest in Africa at the AgroAfrica Dialogue.

Are you an investor, farmer or are you looking to explore what Agriculture in Africa has to offer, then register now for the AgroAfrica dialogue at https://www.agroafricamagazine.com/register/ to be part of this first of its kind event. Read more about this event here.

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