Why should you be concerned about the #FeedAfrica conversation?


First, Africa has overtaken Asia as the continent with the largest concentration of poor people in the world. In fact, statistics show that in one African country, more people are falling into poverty than are escaping from it.

Second, Africa cannot continue to depend on the West for aid. The posture and foreign policies of the West is tilting less towards globalisation and more towards putting their national interests first. This points to the fact that Africa needs to find ways of solving its own problems.

Third, there are home-grown efforts to galvanize African productivity and reverse its developmental challenges. A key effort is the FeedAfrica initiative of the AfDB which is currently being implemented across the continent with the private sector at its core.

Finally, the African Spirit, makes it incumbent on Africans and the lovers of Africa, to engage in solving the AgChallenges of the continent

One thing is sure, for Africa to get out of poverty, it must increase its level of productivity. For this reason, the high 5’s as expounded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) must be kept in clear focus. Our continent must improve its import to export ration by tapping into our abundant natural resources. We must export more and earn more foreign exchange. Industrialization is a must.

However, development has been so shunted that Africa needs developmental partners. Individuals, especially private investors must be wooed to turn to Africa. But like a beautiful bride, the groom will have to see what Africa has to offer. It is for this reason that AgroAfrica, Africa’s Agricultural mouthpiece, is partnering with the World Food Prize, the African Development And the United States  Bilateral African Chamber of Commerce to present the AgroAfrica Dialogue.

Riding as the African component to the World Food Prize series of events, this Dialogue has been exported to the agricultural capital of the world Des Moines where the President of the African Development Bank, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, returns after his first coming as World Food Prize Laureate in 2017, to expound the #FeedAfrica gospel.

Join Dr Adesina and and a team of private sector stakeholders as they lead the #FeedAfrica conversation and showcase why you should invest in Africa at the AgroAfrica Dialogue.

Are you an investor, farmer or are you looking to explore what Agriculture in Africa has to offer, then register now for the AgroAfrica dialogue at https://www.agroafricamagazine.com/register/ to be part of this first of its kind event. Read more about this event here.

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