Quelea bird invasion might spring hunger- Report


A recent report by the Desert Locust Organisation for Eastern Africa (DLCO) has revealed that the food security of some African countries is being endangered by the invasion of Quelea birds’ attack on key staples.

According to the report, East and Horn of Africa states affected by this invasion could face widespread hunger.

Director of DLCO, Stephen Njoka, said that the birds had invaded thousands of acres in the region while ravaging crops ready for harvest, adding that experts had found it a challenge to contain Quelea birds and other pests due to budget constraints for member countries.

While bemoaning the situation, Njoka said in the last one year, an estimated 191 million birds invaded the farms with Kenya and Tanzania being the most affected.

He added that measures are being taken to control this like other migratory pests.

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Source: AgricNews-Update


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