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An African Component to the Global Borlaug Dialogue

Lagos, Nigeria

October 1, 2018

AgroAfrica, the Voice of African Agriculture is partnering with the World Food Prize Foundation, The Africa Development Bank and the US Bilateral African Chamber of Commerce to convene a Dialogue Session as part of a series of events culminating in the investiture of the World Food Prize Laureate(s) at Des Moines, Iowa. Dubbed the AgroAfrica Dialogue (AAD), this event is scheduled to hold on October 17, 2018 from 9am to 12 noon.

In the past year, Africa has overtaken Asia as the poverty capital of the world. According to the World Poverty Clock, more people are being plunged into poverty in Africa than are escaping from it. Thus necessitating an urgent need to halt, and reverse this trend.

The AAD is premised on the need to aggregate thoughts and forge viable solutions to address Africa’s poverty problem. Put simply, Africans and lovers of Africa will engage on the subject of curbing hunger on the continent.

Hardly could a better venue have been found for this high level convocation than the Ruan Laureates Room of the World Food Prize Foundation where the legacy of Norman Borlaug pervades.

Fittingly, the Dialogue will be directed by the 2017 World Food Prize Laureate and President of the African Development Bank(AfDB), Dr Akinwumi Adesina, who has, in the last 3 years, set himself to Feed Africa as part of the AfDB’s “High Five Development Strategy”. Dr. Adesina will be joined by leaders of the African Agribusiness community.

A critical feature of the AAD will be the private sector led plenary focusing on the proven capacity of Africa’s AgPrivateSector to deliver meaningful growth capable of impacting the continent’s developmental indices. Also in keeping with the private sector orientation of the AAD, an Executive Networking  Session, providing participants with access to A-Level stakeholders in the global agricultural community is planned.

Organizer’s Note:

For over a decade, Verdure Vision LLC, publishers of AgroAfrica Magazine, have been at the forefront of sector specific Media and Communications activities on the continent. With the AgroAfrica Dialogue, we have upped the ante by providing a platform for private sector players to articulate their perspectives and contribute to the continental and global engagements on how to transform Africa’s agricultural sector.

AAD2018 will be a veritable fulcrum for leveraging support for the continent’s agricultural sector, connecting it to the global AgResource base.

For further information please contact:

Abigail Anaba, Head, International Desk, AgroAfrica


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