FG committed to restoring Lake Chad- PMB


The Federal Government says it is committed to revitalising the shrinking Lake Chad.

President Muhammadu Buhari made this pledge during the Nigeria Independence broadcast yesterday.

The president, who stated that the bad state of the lake was due to climate change, asserted that a joint regional interference was required, to restore the livelihood of residents and address the rising conflicts.

“The consequences on lives and livelihoods of the shrinking of the Lake Chad and the pollution caused by oil exploitation activities alone make it mandatory on us to be at the forefront of the struggle for a safer and more sustainable environment. We will continue to mobilize international support for our efforts in this regard.’’ He said.

He also noted that majority of the residents are farmers herders and fishermen and the region cuts across Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun and Chad respectively and has been a water source for over 20 million people.

The President attributed the poor state of the Lake to climate change, poor irrigation and rising population.

He lamented that in 50 years Lake Chad had shrunk by over 90 per cent, which had pressured residents to migrate southwards to more fertile, watered environments leading to conflicts.

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