Enugu shares subsidised cashew seedlings to farmers


Bent on improving the production of cashew and Internally Generated Revenue in the state, the Enugu State Government has begun the distribution of 30,000 cashew seedlings to its farmers.

Director of Animal Production, Enugu State Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Nelson Onugwu, stated that the motive behind this action was to encourage cashew production in the state.

Dr Onugwu affirmed that seedlings being distributed were major improved species of cashew which would take lesser years to mature.

“We are encouraging people to come for the seedlings and go into cashew farming to enable the state to produce enough cashew for local uses and export the crop to countries that are in need of it.” He said.

Onugwu further stated that the state government had subsidised the price of the cashew seedlings, from N200 to N50 and had also established cashew aggregation and processing centre across the state to enhance cashew processing and packaging.

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Source: AgricNews-Update


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