Ripening fruits with calcium carbide is harmful – Expert

Consumption of fruits ripened through “Calcium Carbide”, is said to be harmful to human health.

This was revealed by a consultant family physician at the NISA Premier Hospital, Dr. Abdulrahim Abdulrasheed.

According to him,  Calcium Carbide is a chemical with carcinogenic properties and could cause heart, kidney and liver failures in people who consume fruits ripened by it.

Abdulrasheed noted that the chemical compound is industrially used in the production of calcium Cyanamid for fertilizer and in welding iron.

He stressed that some farmers used chemicals not only to ripen fruits but as pesticides to combat pests which could also make the fruit toxic for consumption.

Dr. Abdulrasheed that the chemical is not only harmful to consumers but those who also handle it are also at risk.

The medical doctor who identified Pawpaw, mango, bananas and plantains as fruits, ripened with the aid of Calcium Carbide urged the government to step in and end the practice of ripening fruits with the chemical.

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Source: AgricNews-Update


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