British and France fishermen squabble over scallop


Clashes have erupted between British and France fishermen, in recent weeks, over the right to fish scallops along the coast of Normandy, France.

The fracas intensified after French fishermen were banned from fishing scallops during the summer while the British counterparts were free from restrictions and allowed to fish freely along the French coast.

The head of Normandy’s fishing organisation, Dimitri Rogoff, says he will soon receive a UK delegation to discuss the matter.

Rogoff revealed during an interview that scallops were important source of revenue for fishermen with over one thousand two hundred families in Normandy relying on the resource for a living.

With this in mind, the French have disclosed that if immediate agreement was not made with the British to protect the common fishing zones, they will go back to the sea for another naval confrontation.

Footage showed fishermen throwing stones and vessels at each other over 12 nautical miles (22 km) at Calvados, France, where the British fishermen are legally permitted to work year-round while the French fishermen are not allowed due to rules imposed by Paris.

The maritime prefecture, which sent a boat to the scene, reported “altercations between French fishermen and British fishermen”, but no casualties.

Some in Britain called the action “piracy”, but in the ports of Normandy, the fishermen who took part in this action say they initially wanted to act peacefully, but the tension between the two sides quickly escalated.

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