Adieu Kofi Annan: A Diplomat with a passion for food security


Asides serving as the Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Atta Annan was dedicated to restoring food security and eradicating Malnutrition in Africa.

His words will continually serve as a blueprint for revolutionalizing Nigeria’s Agricultural sector.

Some of his words are:
“Agriculture can be a powerful bait in the process of economic development in Africa”

“Hunger is a complex crisis. To solve it, we must address the interconnected challenges of agriculture; health care; nutrition; adverse and unfair market conditions; weak infrastructure; and environmental degradation”

“Let us generate a uniquely African green revolution – a revolution that is long overdue, and let us never again allow hunger, needless hunger, to ravage lives and the future of a continent”

“Both the public and private sector need to champion nutrition and mobilize more financial commitments on nutrition to deliver socio-economic and health returns. This will save millions of lives every year and contribute to sustained economic growth.”

The story of Africa’s Agricultural revolution will be incomplete without Kofi Annan.

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