Garlics: Smelly but Healthy


Elizabeth Garry, Nineteen year old daughter of Harold Garry, would always complain of cold and flu and sometimes skip school and stay indoors in order to avoid the generous breeze Alaska blows her.

“Father’s job caused all this, if he hadn’t been transferred to Alaska, I wouldn’t have to deal with the cold”, she would always say to herself.

Having used different medications to bring an end to the cold, Garry resolves to the traditional method he learnt from his mother – Garlic. But of course, Elizabeth thinks teens shouldn’t eat garlics, only old people can deal with its unpleasant smell.

Garlics, in most parts of the world, are peculiar to old people; not because they are meant only for the old, but because what attracts young people is “anything sweet with a nice smell”, and considering these criteria, garlic is nothing to write home about.

Elderly people are sometimes forced to eat it raw, regardless of its odour because it provides some health benefits which includes: purifying the blood, prevention of heart disease, treatment of skin diseases and treatment for cold and flu, among others. But the funny fact is this: You do not have to put up with that unpleasant smell by eating or swallowing it raw.

Here are three alternative ways you can feed your body system with Garlic without smelling like it:

1. Fresh Garlic Toast: Adding the anti-bacterial ingredient to your breakfast will do no harm. To make a fresh Garlic toast, dice your garlic up into tiny bits and add two teaspoons of melted butter or softened butter. Pour over or spread on toast. You don’t have to worry about the unpleasant smell. Surprisingly, the butter automatically mellows out the flavors of garlic.

2. Garlic Tea: Toast and Tea! What a great way to start your day! But have you ever imagined having Toast and Tea that is more beneficial to your health? Well, your Fresh Garlic Toast will serve as a good companion for your Garlic Tea. To make Garlic Tea, you will need: one garlic clove, fresh ginger, honey and lemon or lime (optional).

To try it out:

* Boil a pot of water.
* Slice the garlic and ginger into tiny bit, add to your cup.
* Pour a couple tablespoons of honey over the garlic and ginger, to your taste.
* Add a slice of lemon or lime, or some lemon or lime juice, to your cup. This is optional, but a necessary element if you want a nice flavor.
* Pour the boiling water into your cup and let sit for a few minutes. It has to cool down before you drink it.
If you have a sore throat, you can make the most of your garlic tea by positioning your head over the tea to inhale the steam.

3. Simply Add Garlic: This is another way to make the most of garlics. You don’t need to learn a special recipe. Simply add garlic to your meals while cooking. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of “Nigerian party Jollof Rice”, here is the good news: They contain a measurable amount of Garlic. Garlic adds to that party flavor you so much love. Add garlic to your meals too, your kids won’t even know their favorite delicacy has a measurable amount of anti-bacterial in it.

Eating Garlics at a young age will save you the stress of having to put up with its unpleasant smell when you are old. Most old people have to eat it raw because they were not exposed to its benefits at a young age and in order to have the most of these benefits they have to take it undiluted because they are gradually running out of time and they need immediate effect.

Here are some other health benefits of Garlic
• Excellent cure for STDs, with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.
• Reduction of blood pressure.
• Lowers the risk of heart disease by improving cholesterol level.
• Detoxifies heavy metals in the body

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