Jigawa experiences surge in rice production


The government of Jigawa has said that rice production yield in the State has increased from 2.5 tons to 5 tons per hectare.

The State Governor, Badaru Abubakar, who disclosed this at a workshop in Kaduna, said that the government is providing farmers with agronomic practices, seeds, insecticides and fertilizer in order to produce rice and increase competitiveness.

“This has also provided jobs to over 145 youths across the value chain. They have been trained on manual planters, per boiling and also act as service providers to plant and transplant rice for farmers. They are also connected with rice dealers and millers who sell to them at factory price”. He said.

“I, therefore, believe this workshop is meant for us because we are in dire need of help, advice and guidance to record more successes in Agricultural development, hence the need for me to come along with all stakeholders in the sector,” He added.

Badaru also disclosed that the State has five functional rice mills, adding that his counterparts in the northwest region have agreed that the region’s future lies on agricultural development.

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Source: AgricNews-Update


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