2018 wet season: FAO pledges support to farmers


The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has said part of its goals in the 2018 rainy season is to aid over one million people in the Northeast to cultivate and harvest between 6 to 8 months quantity of food.

FAO  Nigeria representative, Mr Suffyan Koroma, disclosed this at the launch of the organisation’s rainy season programme in Maiduguri.

Koroma  stated that the programme would be beneficial to over 149, 730 households and will help them get better output from farming and agriculture in general.

“In the 2018 rainy season, FAO and its partners have targeted about 149, 730 farming households for crucial distributions of seed and fertiliser in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states. In total, FAO estimates that more than one million people in these states will have enough food to last between six and eight months with the inputs provided, given normal seasonal conditions.’’ Koroma said

The FAO representative stressed that the organisation  was currently utilizing a kit system comprising crop seed varieties useful and effective for the agro-ecological zones of the Northeast.



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Source: AgricNews-Update


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