PLAN moves to subsidize plastic crates for cold food packaging


To improve safety in the handling and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, Post-Harvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN) has revealed plans to subsidize the cost of returnable plastic crates (RPC) for its members.

As indicated in a recently released report, PLAN is providing a 50% support for the purchase of plastic crates to bolster the adoption and proliferation of RPCs for handling fresh fruits and vegetables.

The organization also mentioned its collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture on a state wide market sensitization of the use of returnable plastic crates(RPC), in lieu of raffia baskets, underscoring the food safety advantage, as well as economic benefits of the RPC.

“We have identified 6 local manufacturers of RPCs with a combined capacity of about 1,500,000 crates per annum”, it stated.

As part of its efforts to combat post-harvest losses, and improve cold-chain capacity, the organization has also partnered with the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) to provide capacity-building workshops, trainings, as well as technical and financial assistance to farmers.

Furthermore, PLAN has carried out a number of researches on Tomato Nutrient Retention, landscape analysis of dried tomatoes and a cold chain capacity mapping of Lagos State.

Accordingly, these researches serve to inform stakeholders on the status of the case studies, which can stimulate private sector investments, infrastructural planning, as well as apposite regulatory frameworks.

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