Provide mechanized farming equipment – Expert urges Govt.


As Nigeria makes stringent efforts toward attaining food security, experts on the other hand, have called for increased access and adoption of mechanized farming equipment.

The Project Coordinator of Osun Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP), Mr. Adelere Oriolowo says mechanized farming is the panacea to the food challenges plaguing the country.

Oriolowo made reference to the United States, noting that the country is a good example of what mechanized farming can do to the agricultural sector of any economy.

The coordinator, therefore, called on the government and other agencies to support farmers by providing accessible mechanized farming equipment – as a strategy in advancing the nation’s agriculture sector.

He noted that the development has the potential to boost sustainable production in the country, adding that the present food challenges in the country are largely attributed to the antique equipment used by farmers.

Oriolowo also enthused that poor harvest storage was an issue that needs to be addressed as it continues to undermine the efforts of farmers.

He further pushed for a boost in value chain production of commodities and a well-structured market to enhance the sale of farm produce.

Speaking on the contributions of RAMP, the coordinator said RAMP has done well in reducing the level of post-harvest waste in the state and advised other states to borrow a leaf from this.

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