AfDB beams light on industrialisation


The African Development Bank cannot be faulted for its consistent demonstration in refashioning the fortunes of member countries as it focuses on industrialization in this year’s Annual General Meeting.

At a breakfast meeting leading up to the bank’s AGM in the mountains of South Korea’s second largest city, Busan, the bank’s President, Dr Akinwunmi Adesina gave a stemwinding speech on the gains of industrialization.

Adesina said it was time for Africa to muscle in on industrialization as a strategy in harnessing the full potentials of its agricultural endeavours.

The meeting, scheduled to run from May 21 – 25th, 2018 will witness a jolt of diversity, with different stakeholders from different countries coming together to brainstorm on well-intentioned innovations that can create a robust agricultural market for Africa.

In his speech, Adesina pointed out that, Africa is a tremendously blessed continent with massive amount of resources, cheap labour, lots of oil, natural gas, minerals, metals to mention a few.

He says: “Africa has to add value to the world and that is why we have selected the theme of this year’s annual meeting to be on industrialization. I am not going to bore you a lot with the details because there will be time for us to discuss later in the day, but I want you to get a sense of why we are doing this, for the reason that, we think Africa needs to create a lot of jobs.

L-R, Mutoba Ngoma-CEO Tapera Industries Limited, Zambia, Badr Idrissi- CEO & Co founder ATLAN Space, Morocco, Abigail Urey-CEO & Co Owner Edgail, Liberia, Lorna Rutto- Co founder and CEO EcoPost, Kenya

“Industrialization will help with a lot of that. Africa needs to expand its physical base obviously, you do that when you also have a good number of industries that are developing and while creating opportunities for SMEs. Africa needs to be competitive in the global market.

“Africa is doing a lot of right things and you will hear quite a lot this week, help us to tell those stories to the people all around your countries, all around your continent of a resurgent Africa that is ready to take its rightful place in the industrial part of the world,” Adesina added.

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